The Elder Working Crisis

31Jul 2018

While at the Peace Sullivan/James Ansin High School Workshop in Journalism and New Media my video

Montage 2018

31Jul 2018

I just got back from the Peace Sullivan and James Ansin High School Workshop in Journalism

A Big (Prom)blem

28Apr 2018

I am still recovering from junior prom. After dancing for four hours straight, using 20 blotting

Dress Coded

12Jan 2018

The other day my parents and I had reservations at a restaurant and while I was

Joan Rivers is turning over in her grave

20Nov 2017

The AMA's had some terrible red carpet looks this year. Click on an image to read

Don’t Force 21st Century Norms

16Nov 2017

I just finished up Stranger Things 2 and although it was slower than season 1 I

Hollywood’s Real Monster

14Nov 2017

With all of the sexual harassment/rape cases that have been exposed about some of our favorite

We Need To Talk About Riverdale

13Nov 2017

Riverdale is one of my favorite new shows and I think the producers have answered all

The Truth About Brothers and Sisters

29Oct 2017

Siblings are truly a blessing that not everyone can have (I would know I have a