Lips Like Kylie Jenner

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I absolutely love Kylie Jenner. Whether her lips are fake or not I want them and now... I can! Yep, there are a few ways to get Kylie's lips WITHOUT having surgery. One way is by using CandyLipz lip plumper. The CandyLipz lip plumper is a cute little device that you put on your lips for 4 minutes and when you take it off your lips are fuller and bigger. There are 4 different types of CandyLipz depending on your regulaur lip size. If you have really small lips then you would get Model A or B if your lips are fairly normal size then you would get model C or D. CandyLipz cost $69.99 plus shipping and handling. Another route to go if you want fuller lips is to get a FullLips Lip Enhancer. It uses the same concept of CandyLipz and comes in 3 sizes, small oval , medium oval, and large round. These cost only $19.99 plus shipping and handling. If you don't want to spend any money, this is what I did. I found a little plastic jar about the size of my lips. I put it on my lips and held it on for about 2 minutes. When I took it off my lips were bigger and lasted for around 2 hours. So there are 3 ways to get Kylie Jenner's lips. The links for the CandyLipz and FullLips Lip Enhancer will be below. I hope you enjoyed this and please give me feedback my tweeting, instagraming, or emailing me. Good Luck on your Jenner lips!   CandyLipz -   FullLips Lip Enhancer -

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