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Be A Scream Queen

04Nov 2015

Chanel Oberlin. You either love her or you hate her. However, most of us love her feisty attitude

5 Scary Cool Makeup Tutorials

27Oct 2015

Another reason I absolutely LOVE Halloween is because all of my favorite beauty bloggers are doing scary cool

The World at Your (Painted) Finger Tips

21Aug 2015

Nail Art is usually a salon-only treat for us. But leave it to beauty guru (and YouTube genius) Michelle

Beauty Hacks Vol.1

12Aug 2015

Eggs For Your Hair I already know what your thinking... eggs in your hair? Gross! However, this simple beauty

Kylie Jenner Blonde?!

10Aug 2015

Lately, it seems that the real challenge in keeping up with the Kardashians is keeping up with Kylie

Amazing Face Transformations by MakeupMag

21Jul 2015

@MakeupMag takes makeup tutorials through Youtube to a whole new level. The artist has the ability to transform

Kennedy’s Top 5 Hair Straighteners and Where To Buy

20Jul 2015

There are over 1000 hair straighteners in the world... but which ones stand out and really make your hair

“You Look Disgusting”

20Jul 2015

I recently fell in love with @MyPaleSkinBlog from Youtube and her amazing makeup transformations. Em (@MyPaleSkinBlog) has endured the

A Beauty Review : EOS

24Jun 2015

A Beauty Review: EOS   Pros of Eos:   Moisturizing – Chapped Lips? Put on some EOS and your damaged lips will

50 Shades of Gray Dye

04Apr 2015

For the past 60 years women and men around the world have tried remedy after remedy to cover