“Goodbye Robby”

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Last night was the (not so) dramatic season finale of The Bachelorette. JoJo made the decision that we all knew she would: she picked Jordan Rodgers, kid brother of NFL star Aaron Rodgers.

Personally, I beleive that she picked him purely for the title. Although I don't know what high standards an ex-football player has, he has money no doubt. Although Robby is from my town, he had way too much baggage with that whole ex-girlfriend fiasco. Many of the fans, including myself, think that Jojo made a huge mistake not picking Luke. He was the PERFECT guy... well perfect compared to the other guys.

Tonight Bachelor in Paradise will premeire but it should just be called "Chad gets us ratings so let's use him again". I mean they really have been boring me with this Chad thing. He has his own backstage area at the "Men Tell All" special AND a sercurity gaurd by his side. If this guy has to have 24/7 supervision and still agrees to do this whole Bachelor thing, you best beleive he's getting paid every time he causes drama.

Hopefully JoJo will continue to be in love with Jordan once they factor in work, bills, and anything else that comes with life that isn't manufactured. As we know, JoJo and Jordan met in the best possible setting... which is far from reality.

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  • Cordelia • 2 years ago

    This artclie is a home run, pure and simple!