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It's been two weeks since I witnessed Drake and Future at the Summer Sixteen concert. My voice is still hoarse and I am suffering greatly from PCD (Post Concert Depression).

I had high expectations for this tour since many consider it the concert of the summer... and let me tell you they did not disappoint.

Two up-and-coming artist, Roy Woods and DVSN (pronounced division not D-V-S-N oops) preformed before D+F and to be completely honest I was hardly paying attention I was too busy buying merch. I got a bit frustrated though because the concert started at 7:00 and my champagne papi didn't begin until 9:30. Totally worth the wait.

Drake preformed around forty songs all of which sounded like they did on the record. I feared that he wouldn't sound as good as he does on his albums but that was definitely not a problem for him or Future.

I came into the concert a die hard Drake fan and a mediocre Future fan. I left the concert a die hard Future fan. He was absolute fire the entire set. If I had to rank the two Future definitely outdid Drake. Drizzy had wayyy to many slow moments that kinda killed my vibe.

Ok so merch was a must. I decided to get the Revenge long sleeve shirt and a Summer Sixteen t-shirt with the places they toured printed on the back. That alone was $95 so if you plan on going to the concert bring that $$$.

All in All I give the tour a nine. My reason for it not being a ten was due to the fact that Drake had too many sappy moments, the merchandise pricing, and lastly the lack of Drake and Future together, they have a whole album together and they should have preformed more collab songs.

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