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AMA’s: A Night Of Fashion Fails

The AMA fashion was an absolute failure!!! rs_634x1024-151122154017-634.SelenaGomez-AMA-jmd-112215
  1. Selena Gomez - What the heck is she wearing. The middle part in her head makes her look like a recalled Barbie Doll. 2. One Direction - One of these things is not like other... HARRY. You look just like my great grandma's tablecloth- ugly!!! rs_634x1024-151122162030-634.DemiLovato-AMA-jmd-112215 3. Demi Lovato - Speaking of table cloths... Demi Lovato this is by far the worst you've ever looked what is this 1962?? 4. Carrie Underwood- This American Idol beauty actually looked¬†phenomenal at the AMA's!! 5. Justin Beiber - I guess he didn't get the memo that this is a formal event rs_634x1024-151122165541-634.KendallKylie-AMA-jmd-112215 5. Kendall and Kylie Jenner - Kendall should have told Kylie that it's not Halloween anymore. 6. Zendaya - WOW did you drown in the cotton candy machine?? rs_634x1024-151122170800-634.chloegrace-AMA-jmd-112215 8. Chlo√ę Grace Mortez - PSA: Clothes are appreciated at the AMA's 9. Rebel Wilson - Umm... is this the new model for the Oscar trophy?? rs_634x1024-151122164125-634.Julianne_Hough-AMA-jmd-112215 10. Juliane Hough - My favorite look of night, Julie you killed it!

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