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Who Needs Heels when you have…

Adidas have made a surprising comeback over the past year--EVERYONE is wearing them. Recently, I was in need of some new shoes and decided to not expand my extensive heel collection and get something different. So I went to my number one style bible AKA Pinterest (you can check out my shoe board here) and every other pin was a picture of Adidas in some way, shape, or form.

So if you haven't already guessed it, I got a pair of classic black and white Adidas and my mom, who didn't really like the way they looked in pictures and such, also got a pair of all white Adidas.

I've put these shoes with many different outfits already and wanted to share some of my style ideas with these shoes and others that I plan on trying. Although I'm not sponsored by Adidas I am telling you to go out and buy a pair (or 5) because you will not regret it. (A.N.this is a lot coming from a girl who wears heels with almost every outfit).

1.  Light wash Capris, A white blousy top, a colored sweater, and the NEO Baseline Shoes

I live in Florida and the weather will change from hot to cold in a matter of hours, so I always stay prepared to be dressed for all weather types. By adding the colored sweater it helps you stand out from the basic colors.

2. Black Jeans, Black Blouse, with Bronze Superstar Boost Shoes 

When you have really unique shoes you can let them do the talking. Pairing these loud shoes with a muted outfit is perfect for a relax shopping day.

3. Black Shorts, White bodysuit, tan sweater, with Superstar Bold Shoes

I love the tan/black/white combination and with these trendy sneakers you will be all set.

4. Gray Shirt-dress with Green Superstar Shoes

Although I love to wear heels with all my dresses they don't look so bad with a pair of sneakers. This gray and green outfit is perfect for a night out or any day when you know that you will be walking a lot.

5. Lightwash Denim skirt, baby blue shirt, with cloud foam advantage clean shoes

This is modern beach day outfit. These soft colors will blend so well and will keep you cool all day.

6. Darkwash denim shorts, long sleeve gray bodysuit, and Cloudfoam QT Racer Shoes

My favorite color to wear is gray so these are my dream Adidas and with a simple top and bottom it keeps you looking cool and comfortable.

7. White Jeans, baby pink tank top, and Pink Cloudfoam QT Racer Shoes

This is such a spring look! The pink and white tones blend very well and will make the cutest outfit.

Hopefully this convinced you to go and order a pair of these trendy and universal shoes. They are reasonably priced and super comfortable!


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  1. Jim,So true. Esliecaply when it comes to trade shows. What we identify is the crowd that fits out business not the other exhibitors or the theme of the show. We want to be the only exhibitor there in our genre.

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