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2015 is definitely going down in history as one of the years with the newest trends. From new slang, songs, dances, and just plain crazy challenges this is my grand list of favorite trends this year! #PKMslang2015

Whip - Not just how it is used in the song but like a car.

"Come hop in my new Whip"

On Fleek - Well since my outfits are always on fleek, I hear it quite often 😉

Yes girl, That outfit is on fleek!

Lowkey - I use this word too much like when talking about guys, clothes, movies, tv shows, etc. I lowkey like Marina and the Diamonds #PKMdances2015 The Folks Dance - Cam Newton totally made this popular this year The Quan- My friends always do this and it has been one my favorite things
The Whip - Who doesn't know this dance by heart. I honestly found it super annoying but I still learned how to do it just from seeing it everywhere.
#PKMFavoriteMaleHotties Rob Gronkowski - bae all day Rob-Gronkowski-DuJour-2015-Bruce-Weber-Photo-Shoot-002-800x960 William Mosely - We saw him in his teens... but wow is he hot now opener_dsc2162x750_0 Drake -that smile d2   #PKMFavoriteFemales Meghan Trainor- fell in love with her and her music this year wenn21898302 Adele - this album feels like a new chapter in my life adele-that-grape-juice-2015-600x399 Kylie Jenner - My favorite of the Jenner-Kardashian clan! Loved her fashion statements and fun hairdo's this year 10SKIN1-blog427-v3 #PKMFavoriteMovie Star Wars - Nostalgic AF forceawakens4-xlarge #PKMFavoriteNewTVShow 201205170914420.Agatha-Christie-And-Then-There-Were-None-Screenshot   #PKMSongOfTheYear 679 by Fetty Wap - It was in my head for over half of 2015 e3e60074c39723cc3930f4157795cf2e.600x600x1 #PKMFavoriteNewArtist  Elle King - Yea that girl that sings exs and ohs elle-king-intro #PKMHottestCouple  Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello - They are the hottest couple since Brad and Angelina sofia-wedding-01-435 #PKMWorstBreakup Zayn Malik and One Direction -  I mean I only cried for 3 weeks imagegen.ashx This has definetly been a year of fun things can't wait to see what 2016 brings! Bye 2015 you were rad, Hey 2016 let’s make it perfect!!!    

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