EcoSeries Preview

Before this series kicks off, I wanted to explain why I am doing this and give you all a sneak peek on what the series will include. 

Watch the video here

I have partnered with 20 companies and they have sent me eco friendly products that are either reusable, plastic free, or biodegradable. In each video, I will be trying out the product live and seeing how it works. You all will also have the chance to win some products for yourself.

I am new at trying to be eco friendly and more sustainable and I feel like it’s my duty to start being mindful of my waste. I truly believe that with education and awareness many people will stop using harmful plastics.

Many of you will be shocked with some of the items I will share with you because I didn’t know many of them existed. My first review episode of this series will be up August 8th so be sure to subscribe so that you can be the first to see. 

I promise that this will be an entertaining series with my honest opinions and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

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