Ecozoi Review // EcoSeries Part 2

Today I am reviewing two products from the company Ecozoi. Ecozoi’s story is so inspiring and really motivated me to do this series in the first place.

The husband and wife founder team immigrated to America from India and due to their traditional upbringing they were very environmentally conscious and wanted to do their  part in keeping the Planet safe with the help of technology. This led them to join an automotive company in the Midwest and help bring zero emission products to US market

However, that’s not where Ecozoi started. After their son got back from a visit to India he noticed how in India they used natural and plastic-free items.

On their site they said, “That day, it hit home on us how much we surround ourselves, our kids, and our pets with unhealthy plastic and that better alternatives exist, At that moment, we decided to make it our mission to not only implement a plastic alternative, eco-friendly lifestyle for ourselves but also think big and extend this to the rest of the world. Thus “Ecozoi” was born. It stands for eco-friendly lifestyle. We believe that an eco-lifestyle would create a sustainable flywheel of Happiness by considerably lowering our Carbon footprint.

Ecozoi’s mission is to redefine lifestyle with eco-safe and healthy products creating sustainable happiness and making people’s lives better. 

So today I am testing out two of their plastic alternatives to see how they really work. 

Click here to watch the video

I hope you all enjoyed my first review in my ecoseries! Be sure to visit Ecozoi at or on amazon and see if you can make some plastic free swaps.

Thank you again to Ecozoi for sponsoring this video!!

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