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Kennedy’s Essential Apps

Phones would be nothing without apps. Sure we can call and text but apps allow us to do that and more with a simple push of the download button in the app store. Below are 8 apps I can't live without.

  1. AccuWeather - The weather app that comes predownloaded with apple is nice but isn't as detailed as I would like. With this app I get outfit suggestions, real time rain updates, radar, and pollen/air quality updates. I don't plan my outfits or plan days out without consulting with this app first.
  2. Amazon - I am a proud Amazon Prime member and use it at least once a week to purchase clothes, tech accessories, household items, movies, books, etc.
  3. Cashapp/Venmo - This app is a must if you ever go anywhere with friends or family. Instead of having to split bills or wait for your friend to pay you back, you can transfer funds immediately.
  4. Google Docs - I can't bring my laptop everywhere, but if I'm out or waiting somewhere I can easily access and work on documents from my phone. I love how docs allows me to work across different devices on the same documents.
  5. Urban Dictionary - I always feel like I don't know the latest slang saying so constantly have to take out my phone and search to see what the heck someone just said. The other day I saw a snapchat story and the person kept saying "jaunt" and sure enough I had to whip out UD to figure out what that was.
  6. Netflix/Hulu - These apps are no brainers. I'm currently watching One Tree Hill on Hulu... leave me more suggestions down below!!
  7. Photoshop Fix/Photoshop Express - These apps condense the complexity of photoshop into an easy- to- use app and it's free! I can edit out a zit or brighten up a photo in seconds.
  8. Pinterest - I have talked about my obsession with this app in previous articles and personally use this app to plan out parties, dorm ideas, etc.)

Along with these I also use social media apps (instagram, twitter, snapchat) for entertainment and news purposes.

I hope you find these apps useful and add them to your phone because they make life 100% easier. Let me know what your essential apps are down below and be sure to share this article with friends!

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