The Start of A New Tradition


Once I get used to something I tend to stick with it. But when an amazing item comes along I'll give it a go.

During my middle school days and my freshman year of high school, I religiously used a Vera Bradley planner. However, during the school year, I saw one of my friends carrying this thing called a planner and I had to have it.

The site was so cute and easy to use and I received the agenda just in time to begin using it sophomore year. Now that the year is over I can happily say that I am thoroughly pleased and intend to use this planner for the rest of high school and even college!

So here is a quick rundown of what sets this agenda apart from others on the market:

-Stickers: This is a plus for me because I can use certain stickers to personalize deadlines, parties, nail appointments, etc.

-Note Pages: Each month of the agenda has handy note pages. This was so helpful to help me keep up with club deadlines, and reminders to help throughout that specific month.

-Uplifting Messages: Now this might be super picky but the lovely ladies of put these cute messages like "You're fresher than lemonade" and "You're totally the boss of everything". These were so nice to look at when I was juggling a club meeting, two tests, and throwing practice.

-The Design: I'm a girly girl, have been since birth, so the colors and layout of this agenda are to DIE for.

Overall I rate the agenda 10/10. If you love to stay organized but still want to be trendy this is the agenda to get. Be sure to visit and check out their clothes, accessories, and of course agendas!! Comment below if you are thinking about purchasing!


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