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Trying a Magnetic Mask?? (VIDEO)

Target is full of surprises and is a literal Alice in Wonderland-style rabbit hole and I (once again) fell down it. This time I was in the makeup section and I came across a Magnetic Face Mask by E.L.F. Now, I'm not a skin care expert but at first glance anything that involves a magnet doesn't seem safe for your skin. However, my curiosity got the best of me and 24 dollars later I was unboxing the mask eager to try.

Watch my review on the mask here

~ 1 week later ~

It's been one week since I've used the mask and my skin is super clear and radiant. Full disclosure: I've been using my Mary Kay face cleanser every night like a usually do so the only new thing I've used on my face is the E.L.F. mask so I have to attribute my clear skin to the magnetic mask! I highly recommend and if it doesn't work, it's still a super fun mask.

Let me know if you use the mask and please share your experience with me!

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