“You Don’t Put A Bumper Sticker On A Bentley”

24Jul 2016

"You Don't Put A Bumper Sticker On A Bentley" This is my quote of the

Kaylen Zahara : Outside of the AYTO House

23Jul 2016

Kaylen Zahara stars on my all time favorite dating show, I usually don't have


23Jul 2016

The season seven trailer of The Walking Dead was released at the San Diego Comic-Con and

PKM’s Favorite Donald Trump Parodies

21Jul 2016

From Melania's speech to all the Donald-Pence drama, our late night comedians have had a field

I Told You Guys She Was A Fake B

18Jul 2016

Ever since Taylor Swift has been around I never felt a good vibe from her and

Congrats Serena!!!

09Jul 2016

Congrats to the one and only Serena Williams on winning the Wimbledon Singles

Modern Day Spice??

09Jul 2016

In 1996, the Spice Girls came out with their "Wannabe" music video and a couple of

The (Horrific?) Evolution of Jeans

09Jul 2016

May 20th 1873 The Birth Of Jeans In the late 1800s, denim trousers were typically worn

In Honor of The Secret Life Of Pets…

08Jul 2016

Whether you love dogs, cats, hamsters, or bunnies it is safe to say that everyone LOVES