Summer Nail Polish That Fits Your Personality

06Jun 2016

Summer is all about trying new things and one of my favorite things to experiment with is nail

Disney Promotes Gay People… I Think

04Jun 2016

It seems as though everywhere I turn gay pride flags are being waved in my face. And you

Grease 2 is wayyyy better

28May 2016

First off, I HATE how Sandy worshipped Danny like he was some kind of god. She starts smoking,

Two More Weeks With Michael Strahan

27Apr 2016

If you haven't heard the constant back and forth fued and controversy over Michael Strahan leaving his show

My Week With Dollar Tree Nails #dollartreefinds

26Apr 2016

I'm saving every extra penny for my summer adventures so I couldn't spend $40 to get my nails

Who’s Thirsty For Lemonade??

24Apr 2016

Twitter was blowing up last night over Beyonce's Lemonade. Now whenever I freak out I find comfort in

Getting To Know Aaron Mackay//YouTuber

24Apr 2016

Recently one of my favorite youtubers followed me on Instagram and long story short I interviewed him. His

A Presidential Review on Batman vs. Superman 

05Apr 2016

I've never been a huge fan of superhero movies but Henry Cavill AND Ben Affleck in one movie?


04Apr 2016

An award show isn't an award show without a little bit of controversy and Sunday's IHeartMusicAwards had their

Why Are Kylie Jenner LipKits Always Sold Out?? KardashianKomplaint #1

04Apr 2016

Kylie Jenner is finally making something of herself and making these really cute LipKits that include a Matte