Meme Review Vol. 1

I decided to start a new series where I post my top five favorite videos/memes from the week. I spend so much time (probably too much time) on Instagram and Twitter and find myself sending my friends and family memes throughout the day. So here we go! Here are five of my favorite videos/memes from the week of May 26th 2019:

1.In My Bag Challenge

Ok every week there is some new challenge that takes social media by storm. This week it's this mess:

This video had me dying of laughter. From his scream to the person in the back screaming "turn it off, turn it off!"

2. Google Security

This was 100% relatable. Google alerts the FBI, CSI, and my mom whenever I log in from a new device.

3. And I Oop-

I find myself saying this way to much and I'm lying if I say this remix isn't a bop.

4.Dog Eating Meme

Whenever I eat in front of my dog he looks at me like I killed his mom and took away his bed so this had me rolling.

5. Mom Feeding Her Son

Can I just start by saying this is one of the most creative videos I have ever seen. From the little boys face to the mom trying to contain her laughter, I love this video and it made me laugh for hours.

Check back next week for my latest meme review and if you see any funny memes or videos that you want me to consider for Meme Review send it my way or tag me! Be sure to share with family and friends!

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