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Movie List For Those Rainy Summer Days

So not every day of summer is going to be spent #partying or spending time with friends. Some days you just need to relax and use summer for what it's for -- a break! Here's my (Kennedy's) movie list for the moments that you just wanna have to yourself.   ♢ The Breakfast Club   ♢ Ice Princess   ♢Grease 2 (personally I can't stand the 1st one)   ♢The Lion King   ♢The Outsiders (THE BEST MOVIE YOU'LL EVER WATCH)   ♢The Karate Kid (With Ralph Macchio)   ♢Pretty in Pink   ♢Clueless (!!!)   ♢ Mean Girls (I mean I've only seen it a thousand times)   ♢Big Hero Six (Disney kid at heart)   ♢The Princess and The Pauper   ♢Back To The Future (Marty McFly is #1 bae)   ♢Carrie (Sissy Spacek 1976)   ♢The Little Rascals   ♢Toy Story 1,2,&3   ♢The Wizard of Oz   ♢ The Incredibles   ♢The Hunger Games   ♢Girls Just Wanna Have Fun   ♢The Truman Show (Loveee)   I hope you like some of these movies!!! Tweet me your favorite one @KennedyMckk.

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