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President Kennedy’s Favorite On-Screen Dads

It's Fathers Day. The day we stop to really thank and remember our dads,daddies, fathers, papas, etc.. Now we all show our graditude to our fathers but what about those amazing ones we see in movies or tv shows? Let's take time to pay our thanks to my favorite "on-screen" dads.

  1. Cliff Huxtable - The Cosby Show
  2. Mike Brady - The Brady Bunch
  3. George Lopez - George Lopez
  4. Victor Baxtor - That's So Raven
  5. Jerry Russo - Wizards Of Waverly Place
  6. Rick Grimes- The Walking Dead
  7. Danny Tanner - Full House
  8. Homer Simpson - The Simpsons
  9. Hank Hill- King Of The Hill
  10. Phil Dunphy - Modern Family

Without these helpful and (usually) loving dads my favorite shows definetly wouldn't be the same.