Thoughts on Kim K’s Robbery

I wanted to wait and post this when I knew Kim was all right.

Since she is I can kinda joke about this whole debacle. I mean, seriously, how funny is it that the most superficial, conceited, and self-absorbed woman gets robbed of the things she values the most? VERY FUNNY.

Now please do not mistake this for making fun of the fact that she could have died... cause that is not funny at all. And yes, I know it's hard to be sympathetic for such a vapid human being but, like James Corden said, she is a mother, daughter, wife, and friend.

Maybe this will open Kim's eyes to see that the world isn't just diamonds and ferarris, but that it is full of bad people who don't care whether you are Kim K and how many followers you have or if you are the next man on the street. Peace and Blessing to Kim.

And on a completely different note. Shoutout to Kanye for leaving his concert to see about his wife, but I swear if those fans don't get their money back it's gonna cause some problems.


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