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Long Harry or Short Harry??

05Aug 2016

Everyone knows that Harry Styles is one of the hottest guys in Hollywood... but you already

Another Gay Kardashian

04Jan 2016

The past few days social media has been blowing up about our favorite celebs on the infamous yacht

One Direction on GMA

04Aug 2015

When Zayn Malik abruptly left One Direction, fans were left devastated. But the underlying question throughout the drama

Harry Styles sporting some YSL

04Aug 2015

The boys of One Direction were on Good Morning America today (more info on that later).  As usual

One Direction Drops A Single In The Middle Of The Night!?

31Jul 2015

Yes, that's right One Direction dropped a single in the middle of the night with no warning or

It’s Time For One Direction To Take A Break

19Jul 2015

Simon Cowell, the mastermind behind One Direction, admits that the boys should take a break : "In terms of

Celebrity Reactions To Equality

27Jun 2015

The LGBT community has been fighting for their rights for many years know. From riots, to petitions, to

Harry Styles Calls Out High School Friend Who Stole His Girlfriend

22Jun 2015

    A few nights ago during One Direction’s concert in Oslo Harry Styles called out his an old high

No Drug Test, No Entry!

12Mar 2015

If you look up One Direction's biggest fan in the dictionary a picture of my face would be