10 Trending Food Things From Instagram That I Want To Try

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We all love food and if you follow any of those food accounts (@thefoodgrid, @thebestfood, @lifeandfoods) you know how easy it is to crave those yummy treats. Below is a list of the top ten insta-worthy foods that I am currently craving.  1. @wiktoriabanda posted this and it's some kind of smoothie that is turned into a fulfilling meal.   2. @eatinmykitchen has me craving these things called zeppoli, I don't even know what's in it but I need one now!!   3.@TheJamLab makes these cute shortbread cookies with different flavors or jam in the middle. I'm about to order some in just a minute omggg     4. I prefer waffles over pancakes any day and @food52 has me CRAVING sweet potatoe waffles!    5. I have a tiny obsession with ginger snaps and have tried almost every single thing with ginger but @stephanie.h.park has introduced me to ice cream ginger snap cookies they look sooo good!!   6.@matcha_maiden makes all sorts of things out of green tea and now they have this cute Hello Kitty shaped ice cream!     7. Suprisingly, I had pie for the first time about 2 weeks ago and now I'm borderline obsessed with it so next on bucketlist? MINI PIES    8. Caramel  + Apple + Cheesecake + Pie = WOWOWOWOWOW    9. I love churros and @churroscalientes breaks the rules for churros by adding fun toppings yummyyyy!    10. I've been eyeing The Cookie Dough Café for a while now cause it is so so insta- worthy -- and I love cookie dough oml !!!     Are you hungry yet? I know I am. Time to go eat and maybe try one of these amazing things above. 

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