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Meet Cassandra Fiorenza: Founder of Women-Only Art Website

When moving into a new home or trying to add the finishing touch to a space, art is the perfect remedy. Whether it’s a wall sized canvas or a small hand-painted vase, art can transform an area immediately.

But how does one go about finding authentic, one of a kind pieces?

Collective 131, an online art platform founded in 2018 by Cassandra Fiorenza, helps new and seasoned art collectors find high-quality pieces from women artists. 

Everything from paintings, sculptures, and ceramics are available for purchase. 


Fiorenza, who also serves as the director of C131, has sales experience in art galleries and institutions and decided to start this company to showcase artwork from women in the industry. 

“I wanted to start building something of my own. It started as a side project and it has grown from there. I really wanted to focus on women artists and emerging artists,” said Fiorenza. 

Oftentimes male artists get more art gallery shows and attention from sellers which is why she decided to focus mainly on women because they are often overlooked. 

According to research from the National Endowment of the Arts, women make up just under half of all artists nationwide (46 percent). They also found that female artists earn less than male artists. Women artists who work full-year, fulltime, earn $0.75 for every dollar made by men artists. 

Collective 131 is meant to change those numbers. 

“I also wanted to focus on young emerging female artists because that’s really interesting to me and I think a lot of people want to know who’s up and coming. It’s not all about the famous artist and the excessive artist,” said Fiorenza. 

Fiorenza started recruiting painters and sculptors through friends of friends and eventually through social media. Artists can also reach out to C131 directly to discuss having their artwork showcased and sold on the site.  

Collective 131 is currently showcasing 26 artists and their pieces. 

“I try to show a wide range of work from artists with different views. I think the most important is that they are accessible and affordable,” said Fiorenza. 


Lately, there has been a greater emphasis on highlighting women in the art industry. According to CGTN America, “the National Gallery of Art have made more space for women in their collections – not just to fill a quota – but because they feel they deserve the recognition.” 

“I’ve seen a wave where more women artist are being shown and it’s definitely a trend. I just hope that it continues because there’s definitely a gender gap,” said Fiorenza. 

To support this endeavor be sure to visit Collective 131 and if you are an artist reach out here to see how to get your pieces on the site. 

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