My Week With Dollar Tree Nails #dollartreefinds

I'm saving every extra penny for my summer adventures so I couldn't spend $40 to get my nails done. I figured it would all pay off (literally) over the summer and decided to just go to Dollar Tree and buy some Twizzlers. However, I walked out of dollar tree with more than just some Twizzlers. I GOT PRESS ONS!! Now I always just stick with getting gel nails and have never gotten press ons before. Now when I showed my mom she was convinced they would pop right off and, frankly, so did I. But here I am a week later and my nails are still in PERFECT condition... and they only cost $1. The brand is FingerPrintsĀ and you get twenty-four in a pack. The nails come ready to press on, no glue neccessary. I liked the whole "no glue thing" because I've heard a ton of scary stories involving the glue making your nails weak or it making your nails not grow at all. I would 10/10 recomend!!! #Dollartreefinds  

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