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This Was The HARDEST BuzzFeed Quiz Ever

Recently one of my friends texts me the link to a Buzzfeed quiz. Now it wasn't one of those silly "pick a color and we will guess your career" type quizzes, it was a would you rather questionnaire geared towards African American women that was VERY difficult for me to answer.

Below I will tell you my picks on the quiz and why and then I invite you to take this quiz and comment below your opinion on the questions and the quiz as a whole.

Question 1: Would You Rather... Never be able to wear your headscarf to bed or Never be allowed to use coconut oil ever again?

I went with never be able to wear my headscarf because without proper oils and treatment your hair will fall out anyway. Just get a silk pillowcase and set your alarm clock to an earlier time because morning hair is no joke!

Question 2: Would You Rather... Wear foundation that isn't your skin tone or have your leave out not match your weave?

This one was rather easy. I'd definitely wear foundation that isn't my skin tone hopefully after a while people will just get used to it but I know that it would be impossible to live with obvious leave out.

Question 3: Would You Rather... Do the big chop and never have your hair grow or have relaxed hair that's thin and unhealthy?

I would have relaxed hair that's thin and unhealthy because I don't think I'd look good with short hair.

Question 4: Would You Rather... Always have chapped lips with no lip balm or always have dry hands with no hand cream?

Dry hands by far! I can't live without my chapstick and would much rather have dry hands... I'll just hide them in my pockets.

Question 5: Would You Rather... Always have your name mixed up with the other black girl in the office or Always have someone touch your hair everytime they ask?

I'm a germaphobe so I'd just have to endure having my name mixed up because I freak when someone touches my hair gross!!!

Question 6: Would You Rather... Have people asking how your hair grew so fast every time you have weave or braids or have people asking you where you’re REALLY from every day?

Since it already happens, I'd go with have people ask how my hair grew so fast every time I have weave in lol.

Question 7: Would You Rather... Never experience shrinkage or always have your edges laid, no matter what?

Although this one was hard, I'd go with always have my edges laid because it is such a pain having to pull out the toothbrush and oil whenever they are frizzy.

Question 8: Would You Rather... Have to use Blue Magic every day for the rest of your life or use Pink Oil every day for the rest of your life?

I don't use these anymore but when I was younger I used pink oil so I'd go with that one.

Question 9: Would You Rather... Deal with too-tight braids for a month or deal with relaxer burn pain for 5 hours?

These both have to be the worst pain I've ever felt in my life but I'd rather deal with my braids being too tight because the relaxer burn will ruin your scalp long-term so no thank you John!

Question 10: Would You Rather... Have a braid drop out in public or have a track showing for the whole day?

These are by far the worst form of embarrassment but I'd go with the braid popping out and just hope no one notices it.

I now invite you to take the quiz and tell me what your thoughts were in the comments below.

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