Fashion Budgeting Vol.1

Let's set the scene... Your friend is planning a last minute house party and all of your closest friends will be there so you need to look cute. Just one problem you only have $40 and you only have one store that you can shop at... Forever 21.
The Casual but Still Came To Party Look: 00151570-02 00151803-0600176360-01 Pair this cute skirt (15.90) with a black ribbed top ($9.90) and these adorable sandals ($12.90) The Overdressed Compared To Everyone Else Look  00153773-0300063724-0200177872-02 In love with this ruuuby red dress ($24.90) with these subtle but stylish sandals ($8.80). Pair this set with these cute pair of earrings ($4.90) and be ready to steal the show! The Didn't Have Time To Plan An Outfit Look  00223388-0100183234-0400076787-02 Pair these quickie shorts ($6.90) with a white contemporary tank top ($8.90) and some bangles ($7.90) and no one will know that you most likely planned this is three minutes.