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Dress Coded

The other day my parents and I had reservations at a restaurant and while I was planning my outfit my mom says, "Make sure it fits the dress code". Dress code? For a restaurant? I immediately felt like I was back in school and the dean was telling me my skirt was too short. So I looked up the dress code and, although there were not too many restrictions , it was unnecessary.

I got annoyed at the fact that I was being told what to wear. The thing is I was already planning on being dressy but now that is was a rule, I just didn't want to do it. I guess that's a side affect of being a teen: rebellion (lol).

Anyway, when we got to the place that evening I was ready to see whether or not people would follow these rules and turns out... they don't. Now, on their site it says, "You will be asked to leave" if you refuse to comply but that wasn't the case for the guy in gray sweats, the older lady who's dirty pillows (carrie reference ­čśë ) were on display for the entire restaurant, and the teens in tank tops/jerseys.

So this is what bothers me about dress code places: If I am driving to spend my money at your company what I wear shouldn't matter. Unless what I'm wearing is going to make the food taste bad, they should mind their own business and take my money.

Also, the fact that nothing happened to these dress code offensive people makes the entire dress code rule pointless and makes the people like me, who put on the dress and heels, annoyed that nothing happened to them for refusing to comply to the rules.

This is the 21st century not the 50's. Men and women aren't walking around in suits and dresses with pantyhose anymore. Therefore, these places need to get with the times and allow us to wear jeans and a casual blouse.