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I've been watching/reading Pretty Little Liars since I was in 6th grade. 5 years later, it is finally coming to an end. The ending is bittersweet. On one hand I am sad that I will no longer have something to do every Tuesday at 8 PM, but on the other hand, I am happy because the show has so many plot holes and it is clear that the writers were unable to give valid explanations to the events that happen throughout the show. The only reason I am still watching the show now is because of the amazing acting that takes place. From Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings) having to play an Adderall addict to Janel Parish (Mona Vanderwaal) having (multiple) mental breakdowns and a secret dark side. After last Tuesday's episode, I have been waiting for tomorrow's, hopefully epic, finale. To fill the time I have been reading and watching hundreds of theories on who A.D. is, who really killed Charlotte (If you are like me and don't believe she could have died the way they make it seem), and other things such as what happened to the NAT club, Is Maya really dead, and a bunch of other unexplained events.

I feel like it is only right to add my top 3 A.D. theories along with some other thoughts I have for the finale.

A.D. Theories:

1. Ezra Fitz: Since the beginning, Ezra has been super sketchy to me. He is an English teacher who engages in a relationship with a 16-year-old-- ok got it. However, it only got worse from there. Later in the series, we find out he has a lair where he spies on the girls, has a big poster of Ali, had a relationship with Ali, and has a bunch of gas masks??? The writers' explanation for this was that Ezra was writing a book on Alison and the girls but me, a writer, wouldn't need all of that to write a story about someone... it was very A- like and plain weird I will never understand why Aria went back to him.

Next clue, in the past 10 episodes we had the whole Nicole saga. One particular scene that stands out is when Ezra was "going to Maine" to visit Nicole and he runs into Wren and Spencer (or Twincer). He then calls Aria, lies and says the flight was canceled, and comes home. But the things is there were no flights to Maine on the screen. This leads me to believe he was going somewhere else for some A.D. business.

If Ezra truly loves Aria and is A.D. he would want her to be on his side. This explains why A.D. lured Aria to join the A team. It also explains why Aria's punishments are never as bad as the other girls. Furthermore, it solves why Aria had an alibi for Dunhill's murder.

Next, when A.D. told Mona to meet them for pie that brought me back to Ezra's famous Boysenberry Pie obsession.

And let's not let this pass: ezrA fitzgeralD

Now there are a 1000 more clues and I highly recommend checking out this video for a more in-depth analysis of this theory.

2. The NAT Club

The NAT Club was such a major part of the show that, in my opinion, had no real ending. I read a theory that suggests the NAT club grew into this big entertainment empire and the girls are secretly being filmed (think of The Truman Show). The belief is that the girls are led into certain situations for entertainment purposes. This would explain why A has an unlimited supply of funds and why characters who are dead never seem to stay dead.

NAT stands for  ”Nos Animadverto Totus” meaning “We See All”... basically what A has been doing this entire time. The amazing mind that came up with this, believes that Ali is in on this entire thing. In 5x1 we learn that Ali aspired to be an actress. If this theory is true Ali is an actress and is orchestrating this entire thing.

I don't have enough time to write this entire theory out but is makes so much sense! PLEASE read it here. Also, 2 quick little tidbits in the ET interview with Marlene she acts really suspicious when asked if the NAT club will come back AND she said that she has only seen this theory once online... this theory is not popular at all.

3. Wren Kingston

Wren has been in the show since the pilot episode and his character never had much of a contribution to the overall storyline. He went away for a few seasons and now has suspiciously returned. Also, he is seen holding a gun in the finale promo???

First off he is English. Super weird considering that not too long ago the villain, Archer Dunhill, was English. This leads me to believe they are connected in some way, maybe they are siblings or cousins.

Wren was a volunteer at Radley while Mona and Cece were patients. He could have easily learned about the game and begun to play his role. He also has medical knowledge. As we can see A.D. uses medical tools, gloves, and we assume this person impregnated Emison-- that would require a lot of skill.

While on the topic of Radley ("All Roads Lead Back To Radley") we all saw the tension between Wren and Eddie Lamb who mysteriously disappeared??? Very A-like.

Also, Wren was painting a lady in a RED coat and we never got an explanation for that either. If you ask me it seems as if the lady resembles Mary Drake or Jessica when she was on the farm with Ali, Jason, and Charles.

Ok, so all of this knowledge I pulled from different Tumblr post and Youtube videos. I have not seen this theory anywhere but I want to throw it out there: What is Wren and Ezra are connected and working together as an A.D. team. I literally only have one reason to think this and that is the airport scene. When Spencer(or twincer) introduced the two of them they seemed to already know each other. Maybe Wren was an old friend or cousin because we never see much of Ezra's family. Just a thought let's call it PKM's theory lol.

Those are my final 3 (or 4) A.D. Theories. Next, I want to talk about some things I believe will happen in this finale.

Marlene and the cast keep saying it will all "Come Full Circle". So here are my 3 theories for the end of the show.

1.A Gossip Girl Ending

If you watched Gossip Girl (I highly recommend) it ends with a group of kids who resemble younger versions of the main characters in high school. At this point, the audience knows who Gossip Girl has been for the past 6 seasons and we can happily walk away. Then of course in the last 30 seconds of the show, these new kids receive a gossip girl alert and the saga starts all over again. So my thought is that it will end with the 5 plls happy and well and then Addison (the seemingly irrelevant character) will go missing and her friends will receive an "A" text. This will be such an aggravating ending.

2. Ali Will Die Or Go Missing

The entire nightmare began when Alison was presumed missing/dead. A full circle ending would end how it all began.

3.It Was All A Dream or Book

This will be the worst case scenario but given the show's track record with dreams and hallucinations not at all surprising. It will all end with this being a dream or a story being told by a patient in Radley ("All Roads Lead Back To Radley"). The patient will be Alison or maybe Mona with Wren being the doctor, Ezra being the tutor, and the characters (Emily, Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Toby, Caleb, etc.) being other patients in the hospital. At least this would solve the crazy plot holes. Creative yes, satisfying no.

Overall, this show had amazing potential but due to poor writing and the producers/writers just forgetting certain things, it ended up being crap. Watch either Spencer's twin (who we have never met but would be an easy cop-out) be "A" or Aria be "A.".. I would love to see them explain that one.

I want to leave you with 16 plot holes. There are easily about 70-75 but who has the time or the energy to go back and see all of that disappointment. Be sure to message me with your thoughts before, during, and after the finale on Twitter (@kennedymckk).

PLL Plotholes:

1.Why did Eddie Lamb recognize Aria?

2.Did Noel kill Sara Harvey?

3.Is Maya Really Dead? We never saw her body.

4.If she is dead...who killed her? The original suspect never confessed.

5.Who shot Spencer?

6. Why exactly did Toby's mom go to Radley?

7.How was Cece in the yearbook and Prom Queen if she didn't go to Rosewood High?

8.Who was Beach Hottie?

9.Why is Jason the last surviving member of the NAT club??

10.Why did Melissa lie about being pregnant??

11. Is Jenna even Blind?

12. Who was Wren talking to in 3x4?

13. Why was the tool used to torture Hanna at that farm and why did the farm girl have those dolls?

14. What was up with those secret Kahn parties?

15. What was the deal with the barrell?

16.How did the mom's get out of the basement?

You will probably never know.

-K (see what I did there 😉

~UPDATE (Spoilers)~

The finale was none other than a big disappointment. Marlene took the easy way out and gave Spencer a twin named Alex Drake (A.D.). I left the finale with more questions than I had before and overall feel as if I wasted the past five years of my life on a badly written show full of plot holes.

I want to make it clear that I in no way blame the actors for the terrible ending. Troian did an AMAZING job playing her evil twin (the accent was the only bad part). Also, the return of evil Mona was super satisfying. Honestly, the two-hour finale was unnecessary. I was bored for most of it considering all of the inconsistencies... are you seriously saying that Jenna sniffed out Alex and that Toby slept with Alex twice without realizing anything WTH!!

Next, the ending was so annoying. We got some Walmart versions of the original girls-- such a predictable version of "full circle".

I have a list of things that went terribly wrong but I refuse to waste more time with PLL. They already got five years of my life and they aren't getting any more.

This show should have ended after season 4 - K

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