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We Need To Talk About Riverdale

Riverdale is one of my favorite new shows and I think the producers have answered all my prayers by giving me an honest to God mystery show. I'm still suffering from PLL PTSD due to the terrible finale  on a show that I wasted so many years on. Anyway season one of Riverdale had me on the edge of my seat and gave me an unsolvable mystery THANK YOU.

So far, season two has been more funny than sad... until this week's episode where the producers literally ripped my heart out.

If you are a fan of the show then you know about all of the ships and the situation with the black hood. Now that the black hood is using Betty as his/her puppet, she is forced to cut everyone out of her life.


When the black hood told her to cut Veronica out of her life I was like "eh" because she is a tiny bit annoying. However, when the black hood told her to get rid of Juggie I LOST IT... but it was expected.

What really bothered me was how Betty handled it.

You don't send your childhood crush to tell your boyfriend it's over. Also, Archie was way too harsh and made Betty seem crueler than ever. I think that if Betty told him it wouldn't have hurt as much. By Archie doing it, it seems as though she favors him over Jughead.

And let's not forget the Toni and Jughead kiss *Barf*. This made me so upset because Toni waited until he was low and vulnerable to make her move. Not cool.

This episode also made me mad in another way: The (almost) rape scene with Nick and Cheryl. With all of the sexual allegations and rape cases going on, I felt as if this storyline was written in last minute just to go with today's time period and it gives Cheryl's character meaning now. Ever since the Jason case was solved her character has been in limbo as far as contribution.

Although this was probably the saddest episode yet, I was OVERJOYED when Alice Cooper walked in (to an Imagine Dragon's Song of course) in the baddest outfit and the snake necklace OMGGGG that was amazing costuming.

Image result for alice cooper riverdale snake

I'm nervous for Bughead's future and the Cheryl and Nick storyline so I am more than ready for Wednesday. Be sure to tell me what you think!!

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