Be A Scream Queen

Chanel Oberlin. You either love her or you hate her. However, most of us love her feisty attitude in the new hit horror-drama "Scream Queens". As I was trick-or-treating I saw a lot of girls dressed up as the Chanel's. Here is how to get Chanel's stunning look. To achieve Chanel's flawless base, use our Pro BB Beautiful Cream to keep the skin looking both dewy and smooth. Move on to the brows and use a strong brow gel like our Pro Brow Fix Highlighter to both shape and highlight the underside of the brows to make them appear bolder than they natural are. Chanel has a subtle eye look focusing mainly on mascara but for the base of the lids use our True Colour Duo in shade 2 for a soft pink wash of colour and finish it off with two layers of our Voluptulash Mascara to create both length and volume. To finish off the look, use our Glossywear Lipstick in shade 2 and add to that intense pink colour with our Crystal Lip Gloss in shade 1 - this double layering of products will also help to create the illusion of fuller lips. Now if you are a nail polish kind of girl, you can get the complete Chanel Oberlin look with a subtle nude nail using several of our Fast Dry Polishes. -Article sourced from 2 True Cosmetics