Summer Nail Polish That Fits Your Personality

Summer is all about trying new things and one of my favorite things to experiment with is nail polish. It lets me get used to the color or style before school. But what color really fits your personality? Keep reading to find out! Fun&Flirty - If you love to hang out with friends on the beach and go out for (virgin) margaritas every now and then Essie's Naughty Nautical is for you. Its light and cool and just screams summer.   Curled up with a Booksummer2013_naughty-nautical and a Blanket - This is so me. I spend the majority of my summer catching up on my reading. OPI's You're Such A Buda-Pest is a great color for you. It's cute and conservative and great for those rainy summer reading days.   Netflix&Chillwithfood - Also me! If you just spend your summer in your bed with your laptop and some breadsticks you should try Sally Hansen's Grease Lightning. It's cute and dim just like you are while you are watching Netflix in the confines of your room.   Traveling too much to Care - You should never be to busy for nail care but for you guys who spend your entire summer everywhere but home it can be a hassle. Essie's Meet Me At Sunset is the perfect shade for you travelers to have on for the summer.   Shop Shop Shop - If you spend your summer shopping for the latest trends you need your nails to be a cute and poppy color. OPI's A Mirror Escape is the color for you!!   Coffeehouse Listener - For you girls who spend your summer snapping it up and the chic undergrounds clubs and poetry recitals then Essie's A List is the color for you.   Concert Rocker - Last, but certainly not least if you spend your summer jamming out and the music festivals and seeing your favorite bands live then Essie's Aim to Misbehave is a solid and loud color that will keep ensure you are the star of the show! Tweet me pictures (@kennedymckk) of your fun nails this summer AND  your personality type! I can't wait to see what our nails can do this summer!!

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