New All-Star Up to Bat : Hunter Barco

“No one in my family has ever played baseball” Barco said. His dad was a kicker for Florida State and his mom a cheerleader at Florida Southern, “Baseball didn’t run in the family, I played t-ball when I was younger like most little kids do and I’ve loved it ever since. I keep playing now because I love the game…

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The Elder Working Crisis

While at the Peace Sullivan/James Ansin High School Workshop in Journalism and New Media my video group produced a news package on the Elder Work Crisis. Below is the article by Allessandra Inzinna on the Elder Work Crisis: And below is the video produced by myself, Nyah Hardmon, and Allessandra Inzinna scroll down. Be sure to like comment and share!

Montage 2018

I just got back from the Peace Sullivan and James Ansin High School Workshop in Journalism and New Media, a three week summer intensive where myself and 19 other students produce a news magazine (The Miami Montage), video packages, and photography. I can’t sum up how amazing the experience was in words because it was so unreal. I made amazing…

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Ten years ago, Cheryl, 55, walked into her doctor’s office hoping to cure her anxiety and depression. Instead, she left with what would soon become an unexpected physical dependency. Cheryl was prescribed her first Benzodiazepine. Today, though no longer dependent, she still suffers from protracted injury resulting from having taken a drug considered to be more addictive than heroin. “I didn’t…

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Should college athletes be paid to play??

Collegiate athletics is a competitive and exciting chapter in any athletes life. Many people stop playing their sport after high school but those who are fortunate enough to play in college are those that are dedicated to their sport and most likely plan on playing professionally. College sports raises the bar for athletes and they are put to the test…

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A Big (Prom)blem

I am still recovering from junior prom. After dancing for four hours straight, using 20 blotting strips, and ditching the heels, I have yet to catch up on my sleep. Ever since I watched the prom episode on Ned’s Declassified about a million years ago I’ve had the vision of what I wanted prom to be. A magical night surrounded…

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Dress Coded

The other day my parents and I had reservations at a restaurant and while I was planning my outfit my mom says, “Make sure it fits the dress code”. Dress code? For a restaurant? I immediately felt like I was back in school and the dean was telling me my skirt was too short. So I looked up the dress…

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Joan Rivers is turning over in her grave

The AMA’s had some terrible red carpet looks this year. Click on an image to read what I had to say at the top. Let me know what you think in the comments below.   All images are from Neilson Barnard (Getty Images)

Don’t Force 21st Century Norms

I just finished up Stranger Things 2 and although it was slower than season 1 I still loved it. While I can go on and on about my favorite parts, Dustin, and the shadow monster, today I just want to talk about Billy played by the hot Dacre Montgomery. Billy’s character is inspired by Rob Lowe’s portrayal of Billy Hicks…

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Hollywood’s Real Monster

With all of the sexual harassment/rape cases that have been exposed about some of our favorite entertainers, it is easy to focus on the assaulter instead of the assaulted. However, we need to remember the victims of these alleged crimes and not ignore them or assume they are lying. I  read an article yesterday catching up on the latest allegations…

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