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Making My Own Yeezy’s

A few weeks ago @thenuvogue came up with an idea that can allow all of us to sport yeezys.

I really would love a pair of yeezy's but I'm not about to drop $900 on one pair of shoes. So this is by far the next best thing.

So I tried this twice. The first time was a complete and utter fail. I cut the hole too big and the whole sock unraveled.

dscn2168 dscn2170

The second time, I tried it with a boot sock. It was longer and thicker and worked out better and the sock didn't unravel. This also gave me a more scrunched look rather than a tight look.


This was a super fun activity and I will definetly do this again. This is a great idea for those winter parties so your feet won't freeze. Thank you again to @thenuvogue for this amazing idea!