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Kaylen Zahara : Outside of the AYTO House

Kaylen Zahara stars on my all time favorite dating show, Are You The One. On the show 10 women and 10 men are thrown into a house and must identify their perfect match. If they do, they will win one million dollars.

I usually don't have a favorite female competitor on this show, but this year I hands-down loved Kaylen from the start. Kaylen has a very spiritual outlook on life, AYTO says that "she is all about being tuned in with her energies and the energies of others. But sometimes maintaining her zen in difficult situations is easier said than done."

I reached out to Kaylen in hopes of talking with her about life in and out of the AYTO house. I was super happy when Kaylen said yes to talking.

Life in the house was "laid back and stressful  at the same time" Kaylen said. "Having to live with people you had conflict with was a bit challenging. On the other hand, there wasn’t much to do besides either make new connections, laugh, eat, and drink some moscato". Her daily routine consisted of tanning, cleaning up behind the other 19 housemates, working out or meditating, and "having unforgettable conversations with my girls."

Every journey has its high points and its low points... the AYTO house is no different (even if it is in beautiful Hawaii). All of us watched the heartbreaking scene when Kaylen and Giovanni were a confirmed NO MATCH, "My lowest point was when I was dumped randomly and having to realize that I would have to continue to live with that person for the duration of the show. The stress and anger was real." Kaylen got through that and was able to move forward, creating her high point in the house: "My highest point in the house was standing up for myself, and somewhat moving forward after my “huge” relationship ended in the house."

Outside the house Kaylen has been able to build a platfom which has opened doors for her in the entertainment, marketing, and modeling industry. "I am working with brands now that I dreamed of working with. I am also at a point where I have a audience to reach out to with my blog, which I couldn’t be any happier about."

One of the things that made me love Kaylen from jump, was her sense of style and her natural hair and makeup look. She likes different styles that range from Kim Kardashain to Crystal Westbrook. "To me, I don’t have any style. I just wear what either matches my mood or what I think looks cute together." Kaylen's hair routine is washing her hair and applying some conditioner. She acheives her natural makeup look with some light foundation, filling in her eyebrows, and some mascara. on her Q&A video she said that she would love to do another MTV show

On her Q&A video Kaylen said that she would love to do another MTV show particularly Girl Code. "If I were to be on MTV Girl Code, I would love to talk about relationships and self love. I have always been the girl who has yearned for love and dating, so I have plenty of experiences and stories to share. My perception on dating and having a sense of self love is something I think should be shared with the masses. We can all learn from one another, and thats why I enjoy Girl Code. It’s a community for women to come together and politic. I would be honored to be apart of the cast."

Kaylen has gained a following and a voice through her blog. She is relatable and gives amazing advice that everyone can use. To all of her fans, followers, and supporters she says: "THANK YOU. Thank you so much for having enough love within you to have love for me. I couldn’t have asked for more. I also want you all to know that my intent is to be an outlet for you to be inspired and to learn from as you to go through your own journey in life. I am not here to be a perfect role model, but more so a friend, a sister, that will forever be here for you. I love you."


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  1. I love this show equally as much as I enjoyed reading this article. What a very up-close-and-personal look at Kaylen I feel like I actually know her after reading this article. I’m sure there is going to be a lot more to see from this Rising Star.


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