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Why She Should’ve Picked The Duck Man

Everyone loves Molly Ringwald in, the 1986 hit, Pretty In Pink, but many people disagree with her decision at the end of the movie. Instead of her picking the nice, funny, and RELIABLE Duckie Dale she goes for the rich and stiff Blaine McDonagh who put his friends feelings before his. Throughout the movie, Duckie is always at Andie Walsh' (played by Molly Ringwald) side but she still ends up with Blaine, the guy who stood her up at prom because she was "poor". Even though we all hate Andie's decision many girls choose the bad guy over the good guy any day. If you were to think about all of your relationships how many times have you been more attracted to the wrong decision? Know if you're like me and have no experience in the dating world let me give you some everyday examples.
  Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl Danny Zuko - Grease Dallas Winston - The Outsiders Billy Hicks - St. Elmo's Fire Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries John Bender - The Breakfast Club James Dean - Rebel Without A Cause Zach Morris - Saved By The Bell Evan Peters - American Horror Story Michael Carrington - Grease 2 The Fonz - Happy Days
  All of these guys were compared to a perfectly nice guy and the girl always picked one of them. Just like Andie in 1986, girls are always attracted to the "bad boy" So I wanna hear your story of when you picked the "bad boy". Tweet, email, or comment  your stories for a chance to featured (anonymously if wanted).    

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1 thought on “Why She Should’ve Picked The Duck Man

  1. I Know that everyone can relate to this article!!!!human nature attracts us to things and people that are more adventurous and not always so nice….lol. I can remember times when the nice guys wanted to date me and I simply was never attracted to that type., thankfully I grew up

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