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PKM’s Review on The New Edition Story

I've been told that I'm an old soul since birth and I grew up with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, and The Supremes on my iPod. When news got around to me that BET was making a documentary on New Edition I couldn't wait to see how they would recreate all of the drama and the legacy that is NE.

Part one was my favorite due to the fact that they were still somewhat innocent and we got to see where they started. I give insane props to the casting directors because they hit the mark. Bobby looked like Bobby, Ralph looked like Ralph, etc. Another amazing thing about part one is we get to meet their mothers and see what they had to go through finance wise. What I loved most was the fatherly love and respect that came with Brooke Payne. He took a chance with some young boys and never complained about how much work he had to do with them. Their relationship was priceless and he was very instrumental in their success. Also, the kids were excellent in their roles, they had their mannerisms and everything perfect.

Part two is when the real crazy began. From Bobby getting arrested and then going solo to dealing with even more financial issues. This was the drama episode. It wasn't all bad experiences though. You got to see Mike turn into a business man and take authority over his group and everyone's finances were stable. The highlight of part two was when Johnny Gill joined and killed it with "Can You Stand The Rain" and the New New Edition came to be.

Part 3 was more sad to me than the other two. You really got to see the turmoil within the group, Ricky's bought with drugs, and worst of all Brooke had a heart attack. I was brought to tears (which is not hard for me to do) when they all came together at Ronnie's wedding. The 30-year-old brotherhood was back in tact and all of the old problems were worked out. However, the real waterworks occurred when they performed at the BET 25th anniversary and while they were singing they played back old scenes. The nostalgia I felt was unreal. (A.N. I loved the "If It Isn't Love" scene they nailed it!)

I have a whole new respect for New Edition and all its parts after watching this amazing story. Learning about how many obstacles they had to overcome really put it in perspective how hard they had to work just to be successful financially and socially. I'm crossing my fingers for a New Edition comeback album soon so I can continue to admire these six talented men.

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3 thoughts on “PKM’s Review on The New Edition Story

  1. Kennedy, I was blown away with the casting, as well. Each member was truly properly represented. NE will have fans to the end of times. Great article!!

  2. Je n&;8712#avais pas gardé une bonne impression de cette carte faite lors de la formation, mais la revoir ainsi revisitée par tes doigts experts m’a fait changer d’avis, je vais bientôt en refaire une finalement. Merci Do et bon WE.

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