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I tried a 1 Star Face Mask that causes chemical burns (video)

I love stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls because you literally NEVER know what you are going to find. I frequent Ross often because there is one 10 minutes from my house and I always visit the beauty section for fun finds. Today I am trying a cucumber face mask by Global Beauty Care that I got for $3.99 from Ross.

A few weeks ago I was in New York and I got a facial for the first time and it was cucumber. My face felt amazing so when I saw this mask I figured I should give it a go. Little did I know this mask is rated 1 Star on Amazon and has caused chemical burns. Watch my video below to find out what happened.

Click here to watch the video

Check back in on July 22nd for an update on whether or not I had a reaction!!


It's been 4 days since I did the mask and I my face appears brighter and some of my blemishes cleared up. I did not experience any rashes, irritation, or burning on my face. My face just appeared more red than usual on the first day after using the mask. I will definitely use this mask again and I highly recommend it. It’s a great mask for a really cheap price!

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