Magic Brite Teeth Whitening Kit Review

I drink coffee and tea on a daily and I experience intense teeth staining/discoloration, so when I saw the at home teeth whitening trend take off I figured I’d give it a try. Instead of spending a ton of $$$ on one of the pro kits I just purchased a $9.99 one from Amazon. Is it a flop?  According to…

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WORLD PRIDE 2019 NYC (vlog)

This year I had the amazing opportunity to attend World Pride which took place in NYC this year. I go to New York about twice a year to visit family and I have done all of the tourist/bucket list things three times over. However, this time I got to something new: attend a pride parade. Of course it happened to…

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Last prom season I published an article titled “A Big Promblem”. To sum it up I outline all of the issues I had with prom. This year, those problems magnified and I felt the need to share how insane prom gets and how unconventional it is. However, instead of writing another article, I made a video. So (after watching the…

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Trying a Magnetic Mask?? (VIDEO)

Target is full of surprises and is a literal Alice in Wonderland-style rabbit hole and I (once again) fell down it. This time I was in the makeup section and I came across a Magnetic Face Mask by E.L.F. Now, I’m not a skin care expert but at first glance anything that involves a magnet doesn’t seem safe for your…

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The Elder Working Crisis

While at the Peace Sullivan/James Ansin High School Workshop in Journalism and New Media my video group produced a news package on the Elder Work Crisis. Below is the article by Allessandra Inzinna on the Elder Work Crisis: And below is the video produced by myself, Nyah Hardmon, and Allessandra Inzinna scroll down. Be sure to like comment and share!