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Magic Brite Teeth Whitening Kit Review

I drink coffee and tea on a daily and I experience intense teeth staining/discoloration, so when I saw the at home teeth whitening trend take off I figured I’d give it a try. Instead of spending a ton of $$$ on one of the pro kits I just purchased a $9.99 one from Amazon. Is it a flop? 

According to Web MD, teeth whitening treatments can cost an upwards of $400 and treatments can go on for as long as a month depending on how much work needs to be done. This is a much quicker and cheaper alternative granted that it works. Below is the video along with daily check ins. I will update for the next 7 days and let you all know if I see a difference.

Watch the video here

Day 1 Update: After taking off the gel, my tongue was burning a lot and that was alarming but after drinking some water that stopped. I didn't see any changes, nor did I expect too.

Day 2 Update: Round 2 was definitely better and I am starting to get used to the gel. I'm still not seeing a difference with the whitening. Here is a little clip of how I felt afterwards:

Day 3 Update: Ok so I'm finally getting used to it! I left it on for 10 minutes and I am starting to see a little bit of a change.

Day 4 Update:

Day 5 Update:

Day 6 Update:

Day 7 Update:

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