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Twitter and Instagram just took a page out of the Facebook handbook and introduced a new feature that lets you live stream from anywhere. I tried it on twitter first since that's where most of my followers are and it was a very pleasing experience. Basically, you set up your camera and hit the "go live" button. Once you have viewers it will tell you who they are and track how long they have been viewing. They also have the option to send hearts (likes) and comments. The same goes for Instagram. My Insta experience was almost the same (they are both run by Periscope) only Insta doesn't track how long the viewer has been on. I already love this feature because it is a great way to connect with celebs, singers, bloggers, etc. and grants a more intimate experience because you can comment and ask questions. If you haven't tried it yet-- you should. Don't worry about not having viewers... I did and it was the complete opposite. Be sure to tune into my live videos, I'll do them often!


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